Being self-employed is a fantastic path to financial independence and success. However, we recognise that obtaining a mortgage might present particular problems.

Mortgage Professional Angela Epp offers mortgages for self-employed business people in Alberta. She will make sure you get the best possible deal.

Small and medium-sized businesses are the engine of the Canadian economy.
However, when it comes to mortgages, it hasn't always paid to be self-employed

Reducing your taxable income can make it difficult to qualify for the right mortgage. We understand business owners because we're business owners as well!

What's more, we have a long list of institutional and private lenders who can help self-employed Canadians get a great mortgage. These lenders in Canada understand that self-employed individuals have tax write-offs creating significant reductions in their declared income.

We understand that as a small business owner, you wouldn't swap your life for anything in the world.
We also know the challenges you face when it comes to financing a home.

Self-employment is a thrilling experience. It's not easy, though. One of the challenges that businesses confront is obtaining a mortgage. Thankfully, it's one with which we can assist you. We've assisted entrepreneurs in breaking into the market and securing a deal that fits their lifestyle and business.

We've seen the evolution work to your advantage. Canadian mortgage lenders are waking up to the importance of self-employment to grow the economy and strengthen our culture. There are some excellent programs available to small business owners who need financing for their homes, investment homes and even their vacation homes. 

First Foundation is proud to guide entrepreneurs through the whole process. While you work hard at growing your business, we work hard at getting you the best deal from start to finish. 

The good news is that securing a decent mortgage for a business has never been easier. You'll enjoy the process and know that you won't have to return to the grind of a 9-5 job to obtain a mortgage. You, your family, and your clients all rely on you to perform at your best.

We make sure your investment in real estate brings out the best in you.

"Angela is incredibly knowledgeable and has always been helpful in setting up our mortgage financing. You will not be disappointed!"

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